Our studio is located in Southern Alabama (near Fairhope).
We use the highest quality components to ensure the best recordings possible.

Hourly Rates - $50

10 hour days - $500

Mastering - $50 p/track

Larger blocks of time will show more of a discount

We will also consider any kind of gear trade for studio time.
(microphones, guitars, keyboards, amps, pa gear, lighting ect.)

contact: mark at analogmissionary dot com

(Our gear is constantly being upgraded. This is by no means a complete listing of our equipment.)

Logic Audio Macintosh G5 RME Fireface Paris - Recorder (retired)


Lawson L47
Soundelux U195
(2) earthworks SR77
(2) Josephson C42
Neumann KM 184
Audio Technica AT4050
Beyer M160 (ribbon)
AKG 535
Cad E200
Royer 121 (ribbon)
(various models) Turner Dynamics
Senheiser 421
Senheiser 603e
(2)AKG D112
B.L.U.E. Blueberry
Shure Beta 52
AEA R84 (ribbon) (MANY) Shure SM 57 & 58's Shure 55sw (2) ATM 35

Outboard Gear

API 3124+ Joe Meek VC1 Aphex expressor (4) RNC Compressor
Chandler LTD-1 (Neve design) Demeter VTMP-2b Distressor Line 6 DM4 distortion modeler
Yamaha D-1500 digital delay Avalon VT 737 sm Roland SRV 330 Peavey analog filter
Lexicon PCM 80 (2) TC Electronics G-Force TC Electronics G Major Yamaha SPX 990
WatsoTone Studio-Ho      

Mastering Tools

Drawmer Masterflow Waves L2 Ultramaximizer Aardsync II extensive selection of software tools for mastering.
wavearts plugin suite      

Guitar and Bass Amps

Marshall JMP 1 Marshall JCM 2000 Mesa Boogie Triaxis Galien Krueger
Vox AC 30 Vox AC 15 Lee Jackson - Metaltronix Line 6 Flextone
Late 60's (65 watt) Music Man Trace Elliot Line 6 Bass & Guitar POD Pro ADA MB-1
Fender Twin Reverb Ampeg SVT-2 Pro Aguilar cabs Mesa Cabs
(2) AMP 420 bass head John East J-Retro Bass DI Sansamp BassDriver Di Sansamp Classic
Aguilar DB924 preamp EH Big Muff Pi EH BlackFinger compressor  


Parker Fly Tom Anderson x 2 Fender Strat Danelectro
Epiphone Ovation Gibson Pedal and Lap Steel Guitars  


Pedulla Series I fretless 6-string Pedulla Hexabuzz Fender P Ovation acoustic bass
Ken Smith 5-string Chapman Grand Stick NS Design CR4M Electric Upright Bass- NEW  


PoBoy Drums (endorser) Tama 6 pc Birch kit Drum Workshop 6 pc maple kit TurkMaster Cymbals (endorser)
Roland Vdrums (TD20; TD10;2x TD7, TMC6) Smartrigger cymbal triggers Hornets Drumsticks (endorser) TrapKat (electronic)
Zildjian, Istanbul, Sabian, Wuhan, Ufip cymbals  various Roland, Hart, Kat pads  Peace Octobans  various ethnic percussion; dumbeks, djembes.. 
Qwikstix accessories (endorser) various Yamaha & Pork Pie drums aquarian heads  

other instruments

Etherwave Theremin duduk    


Hammond Organ Kurzweil K2000 Emu Vintage Keys Emu Proteus II
Korg Triton Keyboard Korg Triton Rack Korg Wavestation SR Softsynths (many!)
Roland D-50 Yamaha SY77 EMU E5000 sampler (2) Samplecell II (with over 50 cd rom titles)


Steve Hartman's NHT Mackie HR824 Hafler power amp

Other Gear

Roland VG8ex V-guitar Roland V-Bass Roland GR-09 guitar synth  

Equipment for sale